Easy Glitter Slime Valentines Gifts with Free Printable Tags

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Friends and classmates alike with squeal with delight when they receive this glitter slime Valentine gift—and we are sharing the full Valentine’s Day slime recipe and free printable valentine’s tag to make fun and easy!

This slime valentine is simple to make, fun to play with thanks to the glitter, and easily packaged into containers with some extra cute “punny” Valentine tags to top it all off.

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slime valentine with printable gift tags in takeout containers on heart doily

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Fun Glitter Slime Valentine Gift for Kids

These slime valentine cards look much more difficult to make than they really are—in fact, all you need is a few basic ingredients, takeout or other plastic container, and a printer to print the free printable Valentine’s gift tags.

They would be great to bring in for class party favors, or to pass out to friends. You could even save the tags and use the pink glitter slime recipe for a fun birthday party favor for a princess or pink themed party!

Supplies Needed for Valentine Slime Recipe

A few craft supplies and basic slime ingredients are all you need to gather for this cute gift.

You will need:

free printable slime valentine gift tag

How to Make Slime Valentines

Step 1: In a bowl, combine the glitter glue and white glue.

Step 2: Once mixed, stir in the glitter and sequins.

spoon mixing ingredients for slime valentine cards
spoon mixing glitter and sequins with ingredients for valentine's day slime gift

Step 3: Stir baking soda into mixture until combined.

Step 4: Add in 4 tablespoons of the saline, and like all good slimes, use your hands to distribute the saline throughout the glue. Add in 1/2 tablespoon at a time while you continue to work the slime until it is no longer sticky and at preferred consistency.

spoon mixing ingredients for valentine's day slime gift

Step 5: Divide the slime into the portioned cups, making sure you have enough for each child or party guest.

Step 6: Print the gift tags on the free printable, cut out each circle tag. Attach to the top of the containers. You can use glue, tape or our preferred method—glue dots!

slime valentine with printable gift tags in takeout containers

Tip: If you need more than 12, you can double the recipe, or make batches with different colored glue for a fun mix of options!

slime valentine with printable gift tags in takeout containers
slime valentine with printable gift tags in takeout containers on a pink heart shape doily

We know these Slime Valentine gifts will be a hit with the kids, and with the cute printable Valentine tags to go with them, we think parents will get a kick out of the slime valentines too!

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