15 Cute & Simple Cakes for Birthdays or Celebrations

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Have a birthday coming up and not sure what dessert to serve that is both easy and sweet? These cute and simple cakes for birthdays are some of our picks for the best party cakes that will impress your guests in both looks and flavor.

collage of the best birthday party cakes with delicious looking cakes in a grid format

For birthdays, anniversaries, or any other celebration, cakes are a traditional treat that we all love enjoying on our special day.

Cakes not your thing? No problem! Check out these brilliant unique dessert ideas for parties instead!

When it comes to cake, you can go with the traditional birthday cake flavors and designs, or you can spice it up and make it even more extravagant. 

Here are some of the best birthday party cakes and other easy cake recipes that any cake lover would love to have during their celebration.

Browse the colorful ones below, as well as some pretty ones with a clean and modern look!

Cute and Simple Cakes for Parties

Amazing and delicious cake ideas that even the most resilient guest won't be able to refuse!

The hardest part will be deciding which one of these delicious birthday cakes to make!

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