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It is our belief that everyone deserves to have memorable celebrations in their lives, both big and small, and that budget, lack of space, or lack of ideas shouldn’t hold them back from celebrating the people and the moments that make life wonderful.

What You’ll Find Here

At Party + Bright, you will find fun & festive DIY holiday & party ideas to create joy all year long.

From birthday ideas and coloring pages, to holiday decor, treats, and crafts, there is something for everyone—no matter your style, budget or celebration preferences.

We love to see what you make or find, celebrating the little things in life, and creating fun ways to build memories for families with things that are do-able for all!

Who We Are

The team here at Party + Bright is led by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Mary Ware.

Mary is a Lifestyle Publisher in the online media space and has held many positions in both non-profits and the corporate world that provided her with ample opportunity to create programs, plan events, and create activities for holidays and personal celebrations.

From birthday parties and holiday parties in hospitals for seriously ill children, to themed activities and events in schools and educational facilities, Mary has spent years finding creative ways to bring smiles to the faces of families by creating magical celebrations, often on a shoestring budget.

She is the mother of two active and bighearted girls, who love celebrating holidays and occassions big and small on a daily basis, and who squeal with delight in the holiday and party aisles at Target just like she does.

She holds a degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University and a M.A. from Western Michigan University, and has gained appreciation for cultural holidays while living and working in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia.

She has been featured and quoted on popular sites such as Scary Mommy, That’s Inappropriate, Baby Center, The Baby Chick, Mamapedia, and many more.