Easy & Educational Valentine’s Day Art Activities

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Valentine’s Day allows for great creativity in the art area, with beautiful colors and hearts. Here are a few easy and educational Valentine’s Day art activities to try at school or at home.

Feel the love in the classroom or at home this Valentine’s Day by experimenting with the associated colors, and of course, lots of hearts!

To add to the fun, grab some of these heart-shaped foods to make the day even more fun!

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Easy Valentine’s Day Activities


Cut out heart shapes from paper towels. Use an eyedropper to drop colored water on the paper towel. Let them dry flat.

Marble Painting

Cut a heart shape slightly smaller than the cake pan or other pan with sides, which you will be using for this project. Drop watered-down paint in the middle of the heart. Drop-in a marble, and gently swirl the pan to make the marble roll and move the paint.

Straw Painting

Cut out the heart-shaped paper. Place a sheet on a tray. Drop watered-down tempera paint or watercolors on the paper and use a straw to blow the paint around.

Heart Weaving

Create a beautiful heart project out of weaved paper by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Fold a piece of paper in half. 

Step 2: Starting at the fold, draw half a heart.

Step 3: Add lines from the fold to close to the edge, but not all the way to the edge. Cut along the lines. 

Step 4: Weave through strips of paper. 

You can also cut slits only on one side of the heart, through which you weave the strips.

Finish with a sweet message or add folded paper and other embellishments to create a woven heart Valentine’s day character.

Love Collage

Print several words, short quotes, or short poems related to Valentine’s Day to post on a large red poster board. Add pictures, stickers, candy hearts, colored candy, and cards.

Make a Valentine

Make a Valentine for the entire class by incorporating every child’s name into whatever project you choose. The same can be done for family members. 

Educational Art Activities for Valentine’s Day

Color Study

The thematic colors associated with Valentine’s Day provide the perfect platform for color study. 

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Red is a primary color. When mixed with the other primary color blue, it creates the secondary color purple, which is another thematic color. 

Mix red with white, and you get pink, which is a tint of red.

You can do many experiments to create these colors: 

  1. Have the children put a small clump of each color (e.g., red and blue) in each hand, then knead them together to make the new color (purple). 
  2. Place a scoop of finger-painting in each color on finger-paint paper and let the children mix them. 
  3. Put a spoonful of each color of tempera paint in a small Ziploc bag and mix them. 
  4. Supply the easel with the thematic colors. For example, see what happens when white paint is used on red paper or mix them all on white paper. 
  5. Try overlaying colors on paper using colored pencils, crayons, or oil pastels. 

For added fun, cut out a heart shape from the paintings after they are dry.


Fold a piece of paper in half. Starting at the fold, draw a half heart shape (or a series of graduated heart shapes).

Have the child cut along the lines, then open it up. Create heart-shaped paper dolls by accordion-folding the paper, then cutting the half-heart shape.

You can also pre-cut several large heart-shaped pieces of paper. Drops globs of paint on one side.

Fold the paper in half and firmly rub to transfer the paint to both sides. Open it up and let it dry.

For other times of the year, you could repeat these same symmetry projects with stars using our printable star templates in various sizes.

The hearts and colors of Valentine’s Day help inspire many creative art projects to celebrate the holiday.

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