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Free Pirate Party Printable Activities and Games for Kids

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Kids will love these free printable pirate activities and games! These printable pirate activities are both fun and educational and would be great for a pirate-themed birthday party.

We all know those kids who LOVE to pretend like be was a pirate. They are\ always running around with a patch over their eye and a pirate hat on their head as they ran around talking like a pirate.

That’s why it is such a great party theme—and there is so much to do at a pirate party! If you are looking for some easy pirate printables however to fill your party time, this is a great set!

Free Printable Pirate Party Activities and Games for Kids

This free printable pirate worksheet packet includes 5 different activities. Kids will love completing the activities as they pretend to be a pirate.

  1. Build A Pirate. – Kids will love building their own pirate with the cutout templates provided in the packet.
  2. Secret Code. – A fun find the code activity to see what the secret message is.
  3. Coloring Page
  4. Pirate Pattern Activity. – Another fun activity, this page will have them complete the patterns on the page.
  5. Fun Pirate Stickers

Pair the activity up with some other pirate crafts and activities and you have a great way for kids to learn in a fun way.

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Download the Pirate Activity Pack

Free Printable Pirate Worksheets and Games for Kids

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