9 Easy No-Bake Easter Desserts

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These easy no-bake Easter desserts will make for an easy treat for family gatherings and are great for school parties!

Why sure.. I’ll be the room parent for Easter… no problem! It is exactly what I would have said if I was asked to do so.

Instead, my daughter decided it for me and volunteered me to be the room mom for her school party!

This seems to be a pattern…

Crap, now I need to go find some easy recipes and at least pretend like I know what I’m doing! Thank goodness for finding some delicious no-bake Easter recipes on Pinterest! For the game or activity, I can always pull out some Easter coloring pages or a fun Easter bingo game for entertainment.

After a few minutes of researching (Pinterest to the rescue!), I was able to find some easy no-bake Easter treats that I could make in a hurry when I need them.

These will be perfect for her school party and easy on this mama. If you have younger kiddos, you can grab these free Easter coloring pages.

They will enjoy coloring them and it will keep their little bands busy for a while. I also like to put coloring pages in Easter baskets when I am looking for some fun non-candy Easter gifts.

Ah, no-bake. Now that’s my kind of dessert! Without further ado…

9 Easy No-Bake Easter Desserts

  1. No-Bake Mini Easter Cheesecakes

So pretty! These mini Easter cheesecakes almost look too good to eat! Source: SugarHero.com

2. No Bake Cookie Nests

I love these cute little egg nests! They are easy to make, cute, and delicious. Source: SugarSpiceandGlitter.com

3. Easter Popcorn

Ooohh.. I definitely know kids like popcorn and chocolate so the two mixed together all pretty and Easter like would be fun. Source: InsideBruCrewLife.com

4. No-Bake Easter Dessert Tray

This is cute too! I love the colors and the fact that they are made from just pretzels and yogurt. This is a healthier treat and will be a great go-to Easter treat. Source: HelloNutritarian.com

5. Bunny Chow Chex Mix

Yum! I love puppy chow and so do the kids, so making it Easter themed will be perfect for the Easter party. Source: SuburbanSimplicity.com

6. Easter Bunny and Chick Oreo Pops

These are almost too cute to eat! I love these and I think the kids will enjoy them to! Source: ItsAlwaysAutumn.com

7. Easter Bunny Bark

Easter Bunny Bark

This adorable Easter bark is another goody that’s almost too good to eat! I like the idea that it can be put into small take-home bags for the kids. Source: TipBuzz.com

8. Candy HayStacks

These candy haystacks are made from pretzels and goodness. You can create them in a lot of different colors to so they would work for just about any occasion. Source: SimplyStacie.net

9. Peanut Butter Cornflake Nests

These cute little nests are made with cereal and are extremely easy to put together. You can add a few little candy eggs in the middle to make it look super cute and more nest-like.

So there are my favorite 9 easy no-bake Easter treats. I love each and every one of these. This makes my unexpected duties a little easier and if they turn out anything like these ladies have done, I will have all of the parents and teachers jealous!

No-bake Easter

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