Valentines Coupons for Kids: A Fun Candy Alternative for Valentines Day

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Cute and fun, these free printable Valentines coupons for kids are a great way to show them how much you love them.

I love gifting children coupons, especially during the holidays. One of the biggest reasons is because coupons are more rewarding than materialistic things.

Valentines Coupons for Kids

These Valentine coupons are a great way to make Valentine’s Day special for the kids. It’s so much more rewarding and personal than just going out and purchasing a gift basket.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about them rotting their teeth with candy or those not so fun sugar highs!

The Valentine’s Day coupons for kids include 6 different unique coupons:

  1. Stay Up Late
  2. More Screen Time (they’ll go perfect with our earn your screen time printable)
  3. Play a Family Game Together (you can do board games, outdoor games, or other at-home activities)
  4. No Chores for a Day
  5. Sleep In Until Noon
  6. Breakfast In Bed

These are prefilled Valentines coupons for kids so that you can just print them and hand them to the children when you are ready.

Valentines Coupons for Kids

Download the free Valentine’s Day Coupons for Kids

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