XOXO Valentines Day Box Card Holder Craft for Kids

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If you are looking for a fun craft for Valentine’s Day, check out this XOXO Valentines Day box craft.

This DIY XOXO Valentine’s Day box is an easy Valentine’s Day craft that the kids can do. It only takes a few supplies from your local Dollar Store.

The best part about this XOXO Valentine’s Day box is that they can customize it and use any of their favorite colors.

XOXO Valentines Day Box Card Holder Craft for Kids

It is cute and super simple. The kids will have a blast decorating it and creating their own Valentine’s Day designs.

What to do with the Valentine’s Day box craft:

  • The kids can use the box to collect their Valentine’s Day cards from friends at school.
  • The XOXO Valentine’s Day Box makes a great craft project for fun or as a homeschool project.
  • Kids can create the box and fill it with goodies to give as a gift to friends and family.

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How To Make the XOXO Valentines Day Box

It only takes a few supplies to create this cute XOXO Valentine’s Day box. Kids will love getting creative and can easily do this on their own.

Although, if you want to avoid any mess, they may need a little help with the painting. But in our house, if you get messy, it just means you are having fun!

What You Need:

  • Empty Tissue Box
  • Paint (any colors desired..we used white, pink, red)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint Pens or Markers (for the silver, we used metallic markers)


Paint the entire box pink and let dry.

XOXO Valentines Day Box Painted

You may only need one coat but if you notice that the tissue box still shows through, a 2nd coat may be needed.

Once the box is completely dry, use paint pens or markers to add some fun Valentine’s Day designs.

XOXO Valentines Day Box Heart Designs

As you can see, we did the hearts, XOXO’s, some dots, and a few small flowers. The kids can do any kind of designs they want using any colors they want.

XOXO Valentines Day Box Finished

On the sides of the box, we did the same thing but added a bit more. In the middle, we drew 3 different sized hearts and just put dots inside of them.

Then down each side we put XOXOXOXO just for fun.

This is such a versatile Valentine’s Day box so the kids can get as creative as they would like.

XOXO Valentines Day Box Card Holder Craft for Kids

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