Easy School Valentines Box and Cardholder

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Make this easy school Valentines Box and cardholder with just a few supplies! It’s perfect for school parties and kids will love making their own Valentines Day card holder.

This striped Valentines Day box came as an inspiration after we did the XOXO Valentine’s Day box. Like the previous Valentine cardholder, it only takes a few supplies and is easy to decorate.

Easy Striped Valentines Box for School

How To Make This Easy School Valentines Box

Items Needed:

  • Empty Tissue Box
  • Paint (Valentine’s Day colors..white, pink, red, etc.)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint Pens or Markers (for the silver, we used metallic markers)

How to decorate the school Valentine’s Day box:

Making stripes, paint the box with one strip of pink, then white, then red. Do this same pattern until you have reached the end of the tissue box.

It can be good to have some of the tissue box design showing through. It can add to the design and make it look pretty neat.

If you notice that the design is showing through too much, you can add another coat of paint to the stripes.

Once the box is completely dry, use paint pens or markers to add detailed designs like names, hearts, stripes, etc. You can use different colors to make them stand out and to give it some extra flair.

Easy Striped Valentines Box for School

How we made the designs:

The first thing we did was outline the stripes with a silver marker. This helped each section stand out.

On the outside of the box, we added a line of red dots to the pink paint. For the middle, we used a red marker to make a heart-shaped with dots.

As you can see, the tissue box we chose had kind of a zebra print on it. So we only used a light coat of paint on the box. I love how it adds to the box, it just makes it look better, in my opinion.

If you don’t have a fun tissue box that has cool design elements, you can just paint the box and add your own designs.

Easy Striped Valentines Box for School

Easy right?! I love making Valentine’s Day boxes for school because you can really let the kids get as creative as they want.

It allows them to show off their personality so let them get as crazy with the designs as they want!

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