The Good Dinosaur Party Ideas: 17 Incredible Things Kids Will Love

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Adults and kids alike will love The Good Dinosaur party ideas we’ve rounded up here! From cool decorations to awesome cakes and DIYs, it will be a snap creating the best Good Dinosaur birthday ever!

There aren’t too many Disney/Pixar movies that can make both children and their parents hang on to their seat and even shed a tear, but this is definitely one of them. Making a Good Dinosaur themed party the perfect choice for a kids birthday!

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vector background of prehistoric volcano with text 17 The Good Dinosaur Party Ideas

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It is so fun planning a child’s birthday party when you know they absolutely love the theme or the character. That’s why were are sharing tons of ideas for lots of different kids birthday party themes on Party + Bright, as well as ideas for what to write in a kid’s birthday invitation as well.

Good Dinosaur Party Ideas

The Good Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations

The best way to plan on decorating for a birthday party based around The Good Dinosaur is to run wild with the dinosaur them but to focus on including the characters and special themes and elements from the movie into your event.

The main party table is a great place to have the movie icons, as it serves as a main focal point of the entire party.

A birthday banner or backdrop could feature Arlo and Spot, or could be Jurassic themed with toys from The Good Dinosaur in front—even blown up images will bring the theme to life!

Here are some of our favorite Good Dinosaur birthday parties:

This table set up is such a gorgeous representation of the movie, with all the main characters and bright colors. And you have the see the large-scale dinosaur made out of balloons too!

That party is likely out of budget for most, but looking at party tables is a great way to spark inspiration as well. We love the origami dinosaur napkins and the repeated use of color throughout.

Here are more great tables and backdrops for a Good Dinosaur Party

This Good Dinosaur themed backdrop makes a huge statement, and then is dressed up with other non licensed items in green and orange to create a fun overall look. The ivy table is a great touch!

Try using house plants to help create the natural scene of a table backdrop.

We love how this party mixed plants with other Good Dinosaur decorations to help us feel like we stepped into Jurassic times at home!

It’s also a great way to keep decoration budget-friendly.

Personalized Banner

You can also create a personalized birthday banner on Zazzle with the Good Dinosaur theme like this one:

Of course if you want to make a big impact, having large cardboard cutouts printed for you are the way to go. Check out this party featuring all the characters so large, the kids will feel small compared to them!

Good Dinosaur Games & Activities

Challenge to Overcome Game

In the movie, Arlo has to prove his bravery and overcome many obstacles on his journey to return home to his family. This is the perfect themed for a fun obstacle course at a party!

You can easily adapt it to fit any age or skill level, and include everything from pool noodles to crawl under, to puzzles or complex tasks to complete before moving on to the next challenge.

Make your Mark Activity (Apatosaurus Footprint Printable)

At the beginning of the film, Arlo’s family all get to make their “mark” on the family’s corn silo. The mark is a special family tradition that has to be earned by doing something big for the benefit of others.

After the kids complete the Challenge obstacle course, have them color to decorate their own apatosaurus footprint. Then cut out the circle and let them “make their mark” on a party poster!

Grab the free printable dinosaur footprint activity we made here (for personal use only).

If you would rather do a full craft activity, this Arlo footprint ornament would be a blast for kids!

Raging River Game

Some of the most intense parts of the movie happen around the river, including when Arlo falls in and is swept downstream.

Turn this into a fun game for kids by either setting up a slip-n-slide (if outdoors) or find/borrow/buy a cheap inflatable raft and have the party guests go “river rafting” on dry land.

Good Dinosaur Cake Ideas

This one is brilliant to turn the cake into the storage silo!

DIY Cake Idea
With the use of licensed toys from the movie, you can turn any cake into a themed birthday cake.

This one uses dark frosting and graham crackers in a very clever way to create a neat backdrop for Arlo and Spot.

Add in other dinosaur snacks, coloring pages, and party favors along with the Good Dinosaur party ideas and it will be a unique take on a dinosaur birthday party that will have kids and adults smiling all day long!

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