Awesome Among Us Gifts For Birthdays or Christmas

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If you know someone who loves the game, these Among Us gifts will be great gift ideas to give for any occasion.

Among Us merchandise has become increasingly popular since the game has been a hit with both kids and adults, making it one of the hottest games around. Even those who don’t play video games seem to love the game.

When it first came out my two were obsessed with the video game and everything suddenly became “sus” (suspicious). If there was something they didn’t think added up, it was instantly “kinda sus.”

To be honest, I was thankful to have a break from the typical Fortnite lingo and stories! At least I could keep up with watching them play Among Us and there wasn’t any fast-paced building to keep up with!

Amazing Among Us Gifts for Birthdays and Christmas

The best gifts for all crewmates and imposters

Among Us is the best game and it involves Teamwork and Misbehaviour. Kids call emergency medical services for a pretender. We’ve discovered some of the best toys and merch items from a dress-up mask and pajama to stockings and personalized mugs.

Insider tip: Sneak into a game and surprise your kids (every round comes with a secret code you can enter) Your gamer will be glad and you will have fun!

With birthdays coming up and future holidays, finding some Among Us merchandise and gift ideas has become easier to do these days. Here are our favorite picks that are both super cute and kid-approved!

This stellar Among Us swag will make your crewmembers call an emergency meeting – just to showcase this best Among Us gift. For more details click the link.

1. Among Us Fleece Blanket 

Super soft and perfect for curling up while playing the game, this Among Us blanket will make a great gift.

2. Among Us Hoodie

You can never go wrong buying a hoodie as a present, particularly to look at the most interesting game of the year. Great for both girls and boys, this Among Us hoodie is perfect for both fall and winter.

3. Among Us 3D Nightlight

This cool 3D Among Us Astronaut night light has a fun hologram effect and features 7 different color options when touched.

4. Among Us Gift Set

This Among Us gift set includes everything needed for a fun present. The gift set comes with 8 items including 1 Among Us Drawstring Bag Backpack, 50 Pcs Game Stickers, 2 Face Masks, 2 Button Pins, 2 Phone Holder, 1 Lanyard, 1 Pillowcase, and 1 Keychain.

5. Among US Merch Figures Set

Non-toxic and eco-friendly, this Among Us figure set comes with 12 characters from the game.

6. Among Us Building Blocks

These collectible Among Us building blocks will make the perfect gift for your little builder.

7. Among Us Plush Toy

The kiddos will love cuddling up with this cute Among Us plush toy. There are a variety of different Among Us characters to choose from.

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