Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas That Are Fun and Educational

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Ready for some non-candy Easter basket ideas? Sometimes I cringe at the thought of buying Easter baskets. We’ve slowly moved away from the baskets overflowing with chocolate bunnies and sugary candy.

We have a lot of treats and desserts during family gatherings so instead of sugar and more sugar, I like filling the basket with items that are creative or spark the imagination.

It may seem a bit tricky to come up with ideas that don’t involve candy since that is all you see in the stores. Most pre-made baskets that are easily attainable and are a quick go-to have a cheap toy and some candy.

I didn’t realize that one day I was going to pay $20 for a squirt gun and a few small bags of candy. The rest of the basket was just cardboard packaging.

It’s just not worth it in my opinion. Plus, making our own baskets is more personal and we can include gifts that the kids will actually enjoy more. I have more control as to what goes into the baskets.

Another reason is that a few years ago I realized that my son would get extremely hyper when he would have anything with red food dye in it. So we’ve tried to stay away from that as much as possible. It seems I’m not alone in cutting the red food die out of my child’s diet for this reason.

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My Favorite Creative Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Packets of flower or plant seeds

Spring is the perfect time to start planting the garden or flowers so including flowers, plants, vegetable or even fruit seeds could be a good thing. Children can plant seeds while they learn about growing their own food and how to take care of the plants.

Gardening and growing their own food is something I believe every child should learn. How to compost would be another good skill for them to know.

Educational Toys

Kids always love to get toys but you can always put in educational toys that the kids will enjoy playing with. We like to buy different science or discovery kits for the kids. Making volcanos or doing experiments is always fun and can be very educational.

If you’re child loves science experiments, you can print out a scientific method printable to include with the educational science kit or gift.


Books can be a good gift for any occasion. My daughter always wanting books for her birthday and special occasions. I loved that she wanted books and was all about her reading as much as she could.

Maybe your child has a favorite author or a favorite genre they enjoy reading. If they enjoy reading on the tablet, I recommend KindleUnlimited.

Other Random Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

So there are some fun Easter basket gifts that kids will enjoy. You can throw some candy or snacks in there if you wish but you don’t have to.

They get so many different treats and fun desserts during the Easter holiday anyway (like these Easter egg nest treats), throwing in some educational and fun non-candy ideas that they can enjoy can be fun.

Do you have any other items you like to put in your Easter baskets?

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

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