The Best Boozy St. Patrick’s Day Desserts for a Deliciously Good Time

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Boozy St. Patrick’s Day desserts are always a great choice when you want to serve something special for the holiday—and whether you are looking or mint green desserts with Baileys or tipsy cakes with Guiness, we’ve got you covered.

chocolate st. patricks day cupcakes surrounded by festive holiday decorations

You will often find a lot of St. Patrick’s Day desserts use Baileys or a stout Irish cream for extra flavor, which makes complete sense as it has lots of rich flavor on its own.

We think these would make for a great addition to a St. Patty’s day dessert table, to sneak while the kids are making some St. Patrick’s Day Crafts after school, or even for friends to enjoy on either side of the computer if you are in lockdown and needing to celebrate at home.

If you are looking to kick it up a notch this St. Patrick’s Day, these festive St. Patty’s Day desserts with Baileys and other forms of alcohol are sure to be a hit with everyone (of legal age of course) for the upcoming holiday!

The Best Boozy St. Patrick's Day Treats

Bring on the beer and the booze—these alcoholic St. Patrick's Day desserts and snacks are perfect for celebrating on March 17th (or anytime!)

Check out all of our favorite green St. Patty's Day dessert made with Baileys and Guiness!

You might want to choose just one or two of these boozy St. Patrick’s Day desserts to make at a time—after all we still have to be responsible adults!

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