30 Super Easy Halloween Treats & Party Desserts

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If you love the spooky season as much as I do then this list of 30 super easy Halloween Dessert Recipes is just what you need to go with some creepy and delicous halloween party food ideas this year.

It has everything from monsters to mummies to witches and pumpkins- in many different halloween treat forms, such as cookies, cupcakes, popcorn, brownies, and more! 

collage of spooky and easy halloween treats for halloween party

Spooky & Fun Halloween Treats

Mummy Halloween Desserts

  1. Mummy Brownies 
brownies laying on a white surface with frosting laying in stripes like a mummy with eyes

Chocolate goodness with spooky festive frosting decorated like mummies! It’s so easy and requires zero decorating skills to make. 

  1. Candy Bombs 
candy bombs decorated like mummies with candy eyes and swirled white chocolate

These are really fun for kids to make and break! The center is filled with candy making it a double dessert! Plus they’re easy to decorate like mini mummies. 

  1. Mummy Mini Pies 

If you’ve had enough chocolate then fry some mini mummy pies! You can fill the center with any fruit you prefer but something red like cherries or strawberries really makes the faces pop for Halloween. 

Halloween Monster Desserts

  1. Monster Bark
yummy halloween bark candy made out of chocoalte, candy corn, reeses mini cups and sprinkles

Monster bark is quite literally the easiest Halloween dessert on the planet! It takes no cooking skills whatsoever. In fact it’s my go-to treat to make when I want to have the kids join in. 

  1. Creature From The Deep
cupcakes on a black tiered plate with gray frosting and mystical creature tentacles emerging from the cupcake

If you’re looking for a truly unique spooky decoration for your devious dessert try Creature from the deep Cupcakes. It will be the eye catching centerpiece of any Halloween party platter. 

  1. Monster Marshmallows 
monster marshmallow pops standing in a halloween dessert display

This easy Halloween dessert is perfect for kids because they’re sweet and an easy finger food option. They can go in lunch boxes or be a yummy after dinner treat. 

  1. Monster Krispies 
monster rice krispie treats on a wooden serving board with halloween candies

Monster rice krispie treats are a cute no-bake treat to make for Halloween. This creation needs only four ingredients and is a fun way for the kids to express their creativity. 

  1. Cookie Monster Cookies
Blue chocolatel chip cookies with white chocolate chips and cookie chunks

Cookie Monster is still a monster so he gets to help celebrate the spooky season! These funky blue cookies are stuffed with marshmallows and Oreos- making them packed with petrifying flavor.

Halloween Ghosts Treats

  1. Ghost Cupcakes 
chocolate cupcakes with fluffy white frosting and black eyes

Delicious and creepy Gluten Free Ghost Cupcakes for Halloween! These cupcakes are easy to make with ingredients you already have at home! Plus you don’t need any special skills to make the ghost faces. 

  1. Meringue Ghosts 
whippe meringue ghosts with black eyes sitting on a white counter

If you are looking for an easy Hallowe’en dessert recipe that will disappear in no time, these Meringue Ghosts are what you are looking for! This simple recipe uses only 5 ingredients and produces adorable (and delicious) ghosts that are so fun to serve up!

  1. Peanut Butter Ghosts 
peanut butter halloween dessert with playful ghosts on top

Ghoulish ghosts stuffed with peanut butter and decorated like a spooky ghost- what could be better as an easy Halloween dessert? If you love peanut butter treats this is definitely the one to make. 

Halloween Desserts with Graveyards & Skeletons 

  1. Graveyard Cupcakes 
party tray of graveyard cupcakes with various chocolate graveyard themed toppings like gravestone and bone

Make these Halloween Cupcakes topped with fluffy buttercream chocolate frosting for a spirited treat! They are simple to design and decorate with candy and sprinkles.The options are endless too, my favorites are the chocolate tombstones and dirt, colorful sprinkles, and giant eyeballs.

  1. Blackberry Skull Cupcakes 
blackberry skull cupcakes with chocolate skull on top of frosting

These cupcakes are lovely, fluffy, dark chocolate, and totally vegan. This Halloween dessert has a homemade blackberry coulis filling and eggless meringue buttercream frosting. They’re topped off with chocolate skulls to celebrate the frightening festivities. 

  1. Graveyard Dirt Cups 
individual halloween pudding cups called graveyard dirt cups with layered pudding and crushed cookies and gummy worms

These healthier Halloween Dirt Cups are perfect for a spooky party! They’re stuffed with layers of coconut milk mousse and crushed sandwich cookies. It’s a lightened-up ghoulish treat that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

  1. Graveyard Dirt Cake
closeup of halloween dessert called graveyard dirt cake, consisting of layers of chocolate cake, frosting and crumbled cookies with a RIP cookie and pumpkins on top

 Halloween Dirt Cake layers chocolate pudding over a chocolate cake before being finished off with a 3-ingredient frosting and fun toppings! This festive cake will be an absolute hit at this year’s Halloween Party!

Spider Halloween Treat Ideas

  1. Gluten Free Spider Cookies
spider cookies stacked with bottle of milk

These gluten free spider cookies will be the most fun cookies on any Halloween party spread. They may scare a few arachnophobiacs away, but that mouth watering chocolate peanut butter combo will keep them coming back.

  1. Spider Cookies 
spider cookies with reeses mini cups

These adorably Halloween desserts are so easy to make! All you need is peanut butter cookies, marshmallow “spiderwebs”, peanut butter cup bodies, and candy eye. These treats are fun to put together and almost too cute to eat.

  1. Spider Cakes
cute mini spider cakes with pretzel legs and candy eyes on a pink background

Spider Cakes are such an easy Halloween dessert that they’re made in just 10 minutes. All you need is Hostess Ding Dongs, chocolate-covered Pocky sticks, and store-bought icing! 

Candy Corn Themed Desserts

  1. Candy Corn Marshmallows 
candy corn marshmallows with eyes

Simple candy corn marshmallows are the best Halloween party dessert ever. They’re also out of this world tasty and a little bit silly–and the kids can help. Everything  adds up for being the perfect spooky party snack!

  1. Candy Corn Swirl Cookies
orange and yellow candy corn swirled cookies on a dark blue background

Candy corn swirl cookies are so pretty! They are always a centerpiece at any party. Plus they’re simple to make and taste delicious. All your guests will be impressed with the spooky swirl. 

  1. Candy Corn Cupcakes 
chocolate cupcakes with layered frosting making them appear to be candy corn cupcakes

You don’t need any piping skills to make these candy corn themed frosting decorated cupcakes! I’m no baker myself and I landed the look on my first try. 

  1. Candied Popcorn
white and orange candied popcorn in a white bowl

Talk about easy Halloween dessert- candied popcorn is the perfect finger food for a party. They’re super versatile too. You can add bits of M&Ms or marshmallows- the list is endless. 

Halloween Pumpkin Desserts

  1. Pumpkin Mousse 
glass pudding cups with smooth pumpkin mousse and whipped cream with a spoon

What’s Halloween without some pumpkins, and if you need some more adult friendly desserts try this mousse. Plus it’s easy to make sugar free for when you’re sugared out!

  1. Pumpkin Bites 
pumpkin bites decorated like fall pumpkins

Tasty little pumpkin bites are great for a crowd because you can whip up a big batch in no time at all. They are also simple to make ahead of time and serve fresh out of the fridge. 

  1. Jack-O-Lantern Twinkies 
fun and easy halloween dessert consisting of a twinkie decorated like a jack-o-lantern with candy melts and sprinkles

When is the last time you had a Twinkie? I made these the other week and put them in the freezer. Then I scarfed one down at midnight and it was SO GOOD. Jack-O-Lantern twinkies are delicious for kids and adults! 

  1. Jack-O-Lantern Bundt Cake 
orange halloween pumpkin bundt cake decorated like a jackolantern

If you love baking then this easy Halloween dessert is for you. A tasty bundt cake decorated with orange frosting and a spooky face.

Spooky Witch Treats

  1. Witch Fingers 
overhead view of realistic witch finger cookies with blood red dipping jam

If you’re planning for a Halloween party, these witch fingers are a perfectly frightening finger food. People freak out over them, so be sure to make a big batch for everyone. Use red jam instead of red food coloring for the bloody effects. 

  1. Witch Hat Cupcakes
closeup of a witch hat cupcake with spiderweb drizzle

These High Hat Cupcakes are super moist, chocolatey, and perfectly decorated with frosting SKY-HIGH with vanilla buttercream. They are then dipped in chocolate and covered with spooky marshmallow “webs.”

  1. Cauldron Cake Pops
cake pops decorated like halloween cauldrons on a white tiered plate

These Cauldron-themed Halloween cake pops are super easy to make and decorate! They will be the star of the kids Halloween party at school or any spooky event you go to!

  1. Cauldron Popcorn
green witch popcorn in black cauldron on halloween background

All you need for Cauldron popcorn is Lime Jelly, butter, Corn Syrup, Caster Sugar, Candy Eyes, and some Small Candy Balls. Plus don’t forget to use little cauldron cups to make sure they’re super fun. 

October is always so much fun, and with this list of 30 super easy Halloween desserts it will be the most delicious too! Y

You can make all your favorite scary characters in all kinds of bake and no bake Halloween treats for your annual Halloween party at home or as fun halloween office party desserts!

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collage of fun halloween treats and desserts for party

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