Insightful Questions to Ask Your Dad to Learn His Story (Free Printable Journal)

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This Father’s Day, start a new tradition and use these questions to ask your dad to learn more about his story and get to know your dad more!

There is nothing more powerful than learning someone’s story, and despite spending a huge chunk of your life with someone, finding out specifics from their childhood or learning about their likes/dislikes and experiences growing up creates a tighter bond.

That’s why we are sharing this free printable journal filled with questions for Dad to answer about his life, dreams, and past experiences.

This would make a great Father’s Day gift and could be paired with our All About Dad printable questionnaire that is super fun to read what kids write about Dad or Grandpa!

bright blue background with orange tools and a set of 4 printable question sheets for getting to know your dad.

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25 Questions to Ask Your Dad To Learn More About Him

The printable PDF questionnaire included 25 questions prompts with room for answers that will help you find out more about your father.

It includes everything from his nicknames and hobbies growing up, to family origin, memories of his parents, and so much more.

mockup of free printable questions to ask your dad with tools in the background

Printable Questions for Father’s Day with Room for More

And since every story is unique, we have also included room for 9 additional questions of your choice, to help you find out the details of your Father’s life that are most important to you.

This could be a fun place to let kids pick some questions for their dad too—you never know what they might come up with!

flat lay of dad clothing with mockup of printable journal of questions to ask your dad with blank sheets

Print the Free PDF of Dad, Tell Me Your Story Questions

To print, simply click here and download to your computer. Print on regular 8 1/2″x 11″ printer paper or on cardstock for a more durable feel.

You can use a stapler to put it together, or glue onto pages of a scrapbook after Dad is finished answering the prompts.

The answers will make a wonderful tribute to Dad’s life as well as a great way to share his inner most thoughts with the family.

Not ready to print? Just save this to your Pinterest board for future gift ideas for dad.

If you can, share this with your family and friends on Facebook too so they can all enjoy reading the answers for the Questions to Ask Your Dad for their family as well!

orange tools on a blue background with printable dad questionnaire with text questions to ask your dad free printable

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