11 Genius Hacks That Make Summer Party Cleanup Easier

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Summer parties are made for memories. Cleaning up doesn’t have to be one of them. Check out these easy tips to make summer party cleanup easier, and enjoy more of the party!

From celebrating life’s biggest accomplishments to simply gathering to enjoy quality time with the people you love there is always a reason to get together on a nice summer night.

Sadly the clean-up can be a major discouragement when you are thinking about hosting a summer party.

These tips for making summer parties easy to clean up after are a great way to take some of the stress away so you can have a great time and enjoy more backyard games at your party!

Pro Hacks for Making Summer Party Cleanup Easier

1. Set recycling out next to the trash

One of the biggest messes after a party is from bottles and cans.

If you live in a state where bottles are returned for a deposit this trick can help you get your money back easier as well.

Photo by Matt Botsford

Place a large plastic tote or laundry basket next to your trash can so party goers know where to put empty bottles and cans.

When the party’s over and you are ready to clean up this tote can be used for quick clean up.

2. Dump half-empty beer bottles right into your garden skipping a trip to the sink.

Beer is great for your garden and will act as a fertilizer for your garden helping improve growth.

If you do not have a garden and would like to fertilize your lawn you can spread it around your lawn as well.

3. Sodas and sugary drinks should not be dumped into the grass or garden as they will simply attract ants.

Instead, dump them in a bucket until you get inside or down a drain where they won’t attract pests or leave your yard sticky until the next rain.

4. Light up your outdoor party space so people can find their items

Photo by Ben Rosett

Summer parties are traditionally held outdoors where it is dark come nightfall.

This leads to lost items and guests tearing things apart trying to find things in the dark or simply giving up and leaving them for you to clean up.

Add string lights to sitting areas and solar lights to walkways to make it easier for your guests to see what is going on and find their items when they need them.

Avoid things like overly bright floodlights that can kill the relaxed mood of your parties and opt for more relaxed and even romantic lighting that makes it easy to see but still warm and inviting.

5. Use paper or other plant-based plates and silverware guests can toss into the fire pit

Single-use dishes for parties create a lot of trash for you to deal with.

Most paper plates are dirty and can not be recycled and washing plastic silverware to recycle isn’t something that is easy to manage after a big party and that is if you are even lucky enough to live in an area that recycles these items.

Instead, use plant-based products like paper, wood, and hemp products that can be tossed right into the fire pit at your party when people are done with them.

This will help keep the fire burning while cleaning up the mess left behind and keeping disposable tableware out of landfills.

6. Place several trash cans in your party space

The more accessible your trash cans are the more likely your guests will be to clean up after themselves.

Pro Tip: If you do not have enough trash cans to place several around your yard, a 30-gallon trash bag will fit into the cheap plastic hamper baskets you can find at most dollar stores with plenty of overhang to keep them in place.

Make your trash cans visible to your guests by attaching a light or glow sticks to them so they stand out to the passing glance.

Photo by Shaun Montero

7. Prep for clean up before the party

Set up a few boxes with rags, and spray cleaner for quick and easy clean-ups when someone makes a mess.

This is a great place to add in a small first aid kit, a bottle of sunscreen, and a bottle of bug spray as well to make it easy to find essentials to keep the fun going.

You can also have a tub or a basket for each game, so when the game is finished, you can just put all of the game pieces into one place to put aside.

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8. Make time to run and empty the dishwasher before the party.

This will give you a place to put trays, plates, pans, and cooking utensils as they are done being used so when the party’s over you just have to start the machine.

9. Prep containers for leftovers

Have these containers ready to transfer for guests to take home or for quick loading into the refrigerator when the party is over.

10. Be Thoughtful with Food Choices

Choose foods that don’t lend themselves to excessive messes.

While barbeque sauce is great, handing child guests a barbecue chicken leg is asking to find handprints on the lawn furniture, walls inside the house, and all over the bathroom.

Go with less messy foods for your party to make cleaning up easier.

11. Ditch the Difficult Desserts

Likewise, opt for desserts like cupcakes and cookies, that don’t take extra dishes to enjoy.

Photo by Artem Maltsev

Popsicles, ice cream cones and other dish-less treats are also a great idea!

With a few simple swaps and planning ahead, these tips for cleaning up after party will make the task more bearable, and much quicker!

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