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2022 New Year’s Hats DIY—10 Printable Hat Templates!

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There is nothing that says goodbye 2021 for kids than making their own 2022 New Year’s Hat DIY project! This year we are ramping up the options and have 10 awesome New Years hat printable templates to choose from!

Collage of 4 new years hats on printable templates with a dark backgroudn and party items graphics and text New Years Hat Craft 10 fun designs for kids

2021 might not have been the start anew opportunity we all hoped for (after all we spent the first 6 months or so recovering from the rough year ahead) but things are finally looking up and travel, fun and visiting friends and family is now more possible than the past few years.

We think that is reason enough to celebrate and are looking forward to a great 2022 with some homemade party hats!

Remember how cute last year’s party hat template came out?

diy new years hat for 2021 with confetti

Last year we had 4 fun printable New Year designs to choose from, and this year we have more than doubled that to 10 so everyone can pick their favorite to ring in the new year!

We have included designs that have the year, and also printable hats that can be used year after year as they do not have the year on them.

For some simple decorations to go with the New Years party, use these star templates in different sizes to make a homemade garland and string up with some black and gold balloons!

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Simply print, color or decorate, cut, and use the extra strip to size perfectly for each family member or party guest.

Prefer step-by-step? Check out this quick tutorial to make your own diy new years hat for New Year’s Eve!

How to make this easy New Years Party Hat Design come to life!

Materials needed:

  • Printer with printer paper or cardstock
  • 2022 New Years DIY Party Hat Template
  • Markers, Colored Pencils, or Crayons to color the hat template
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Stapler

Step 1:

Print out one, all or any combination of the 10 New Years Eve hat designs from the free printable.

Step 2:

Color in the hat and band, or use stickers, paint, or glitter to really make it sparkle! For extra stars, check out these printable star templates and stencils.

4 printable diy new years hats 2021

Step 3:

Cut the hat and band out.

Step 4:

back of diy new years hat for 2021 with confetti

Using tape or a stapler, attach one end of the extra band to the hat, size for perfect fit, then attach the other two ends together to create a loop around the head (we recommend sizing and then taking off the hat to staple)—no one wants injuries on New Year’s Eve!

Isn’t this a cute hat that is great for kids and adults alike?

2021 New Years Hat DIY Free Printable Designs

If you are still looking for hats that say 2021 on them, we have left those links and images live for you to still grab them.

diy new years hat for 2021 with confetti

These hats are quick and easy, and still available to print and create, thanks to the free 2021 hat printable you can download here.

4 free printable new years diy hats
diy new years hat for 2021 with confetti

Be sure to save this to Pinterest so you can find it again the week of December 31st and Share this to your facebook page to let everyone know about it—you could even send it to family and friends so everyone can have matching hats for a virtual New Year’s Party!

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